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The Living Room

A video podcast space that is held for Black Queer/Trans/ Non-Conforming spirits to exhale and change the world. We discuss fashion, politics, pop culture, sexuality, health, religion, etc. We will also discuss who the hell we are and how we move in the world. Catch us live bi-weekly Wednesday's at 7:00pm PST on our Youtube or Facebook page. 

*We are currently improving our platform so thank you for bearing with us as we transition in a new direction. Follow us on the socials to keep updated on our moves and ventures. 

IG | FB | Youtube | @thelivingroomseattle

Hosts + Instagrams

Dani Tirrell (Dani/she) @danitirrell

J Mase III (He/him) @jmaseiii

Randy Ford (She/her/ Goddess) @randybaby11

Thinking of hiring The Living Room? 

Host? Talk? Interview?

Go to "BookMe" and make note t in the description that you would like to book us and we'll get back to you!

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