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The SULI Fund, a LGBTQIA+ community fund founded to uplift, empower, forge a way forward and ensure the survival of people of African descent who are without refuge, immunocompromised, and lack basic physical, mental and health support. With a wide and narrow focus, we have developed a cohort framework to distribute funds.

The SULI Fund is inclusive of various subpopulations within the largely identified LGBTQIA+ community of African descent and will provide immediate resources, no-nonsense grants, and support to those in need. To identify recipients we have devised a national advisory board of individuals with 80+ years combined serving the LGBTQIA+ community. They are queer, trans, lesbian, non-binary, masculine, femme, and gender non-conforming individuals from large cities and rural small towns with significant knowledge in issues directly impacting their/our community.

Visit our website to learn more about The Suli Fund and our team of grant advisors.

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