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Radical Black Femme Project

The Radical Black Femme Project (RBFP) is a digital and hybrid residency curated by Solo Magic to provide a platform and shelter to build resources and solidarity in a community often pushed aside. RBFP supports creative work in the realm of resisting racism, subverting transphobia, and supporting justice, safety, and equality with an emphasis on counter culture conversations. 

Society has only been taught to exploit, control, and dilute Black Femme stories. We ask creatives to reimagine joy and rest, and redefine emotional and physical labor. 

RBFP is a residency with a global focus aimed at providing creatives with the ability to incubate in their own process for at least one week. Creatives are selected through invitation only submissions curated by Solo Magic, Jade Solomon Curtis and Associate Curator Randy Ford and hosted by BASE.

Visit our website to learn more about our cohort of Radical Black Femmes.

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