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QUEEN STREET is a physicalized experience through the lens of queer, trans, non binary, and gender nonconforming people of color. This full length evening dance show highlights the importance of centering intersectionality by giving audiences a peek inside the physical, mental, and spiritual transitions of its performers. This show brings those that reside in the margins front and center to be seen and heard. 

We associate the trans experience to being born in the wrong body, wanting to be perceived as the opposite gender, vogue and ball culture, and sex. Randy Ford created a show for those of us that live in total nuance. Where A doesn’t lead to Z; A show where people of the trans experience can express what it’s like in our heads versus just our bodies.

CD Forum + Randy Ford Present



Performers: Randy Ford, Chip Sherman, Saira Barbaric, Keelan Johnson

Music Production: Nic Masangkay Music

Lyrics: Randy Ford

Photography: Kat Young Designs

Set Design: Marcos Everstijn

Lighting: Dominique Thomas

Stage Manager: Dominique Stephens

**Everyone who collaborated on this project was a Seattle-based artist that identified as Queer, Black, Trans/nonbinary and POC.

QUEEN STREET was co-produced by Randy Ford and Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas.

QUEEN STREET during its premiere at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute was the highest grossing show and most attended program CD Forum has had in its season. 

QUEEN STREET was made possible in part through grant funding from Office of Arts & Culture and 4Culture. 

With the help of crowd funding we were able to raise over $20,000 to produce this show. Being able to pay each artist at least $1,000. Closer to their worth.

QUEEN STREET was nominated and a finalist for the 2020 Queer|Art|Prize for Recent Work. Featuring a Nominating Committee of 20 esteemed arts professionals from around the country, Queer|Art|Prize confirms the impact of Queer|Art’s programming and support on a national level and immediately establishes itself as one of the most significant awards specifically created to recognize the artistry and contributions of LGBTQ+ artists.

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